How to Qualify Your Live Show

A traditional-size model.

Any Society member in Australia or New Zealand can run a DUN-qualifier live show. These shows award DUN qualifier cards to first- and second-placing horses in applicable classes, and these cards can then be used for entry into the Down Under Nationals Championship Live Show,

You must be a Junior- or Senior-level Society member to run a DUN-qualifier live show.

The qualification process can only go ahead once your show has been finalised, with a venue booked and a date set. To be approved as a qualifier show, your live show must also meet several criteria.


Your show:

  • Must be advertised in a public place such as social media, and must not be invite-only or exclude certain people,
  • Must accept proxy entries (either with the host, or through another entrant, or both),
  • Must ensure that judges do not judge their own work* if an artist, and
  • Must ensure that all models entering have a name (that is, they cannot be named `Unnamed` or variations thereof; adding a stable prefix before the word `Unnamed` is not acceptable).

Any models shown under the name `Unnamed` or similar that do win a DUN qualification card will have that card forfeited and will be unable to enter DUN or claim a merit award with that card.

Show Application Form

To apply, complete this form (Word Doc) and send it to the Society via email at Attach your class list and entry form in .doc .docx or .rtf format. Your application will be confirmed within two weeks and you will be contacted to organise payment of your DUN card fees.

Society members will receive free advertising of their show on the Society website, the Facebook page and in the DUMHS Newsletter if the application is received in time. Please ensure that the contact details included with your application form are correct, as these are the details that will be listed alongside your show ad.

Important Notes

  • Show applications must be received by the Society at least 7 weeks before your show date. You will be notified if you are a successful applicant within one week. Payment must be made no later than 5 weeks previous to the show date after approval has being verified.
  • Late fees: A 10% surcharge will occur if your application is received under the 7 week cut off date. A 25% rush surcharge will apply within 2 weeks of the show. You may not qualify your show if there is less than 5 working days before your show.
  • Shows can not be post-qualified (qualifed after the show has run).
  • Judges used at the show must not judge their own work*, or judge a model they have owned within six months of the show date.

* `Own work` is defined as: a model that has been painted, etched or otherwise customised. Tack and props are exempt.

Conditions of Qualification

As a show host, by requesting DUN qualifier status for your live show, you agree to be bound by the terms below.

  • The DUN cards may not be reproduced in any fashion.
  • The show host must have paid their DUN card dues no later than 14 days prior to the show. The show may not be advertised as a DUN Qualifying show until dues have being paid.
  • Show results must be sent to the Society within 28 days of the show.
  • Hosts must include the name of all judges (including emergency/back-up judges) used at the show when submitting results to the Society, and the divisions they judged.

Breaking any of these conditions will ensure that your show is declared null and void in Society records. The Society will render the qualifier cards awarded at shows that fail to submit their results void for DUN entry or merit award applications.


If you need to cancel your show after applying for qualification status, you may be eligible for a refund. The following terms apply:

  • If you cancel your show before your DUN cards are issued, then you will receive a 75% refund of fees paid.
  • If you cancel your show after your DUN cards are issued, then:
    • You will receive a 75% refund if you return your DUN cards six weeks or more before the proposed show date; or
    • You will receive a 50% refund if you return your DUN cards in the six weeks prior to the proposed show date; or
    • You will not receive a refund if your DUN cards are not returned at any point.

Contact the Society as soon as possible if you need to cancel your show. You can reach the Society at any time by emailing us at