Notes on Qualifier Show Classe

There is no minimum requirement for the number of division types a show must have. You may use a single division, or combine as many as you desire. There is also no minimum to the number of classes a show must have in order to become a qualifier show.

Show hosts should be aware that not all types of classes can award DUN cards, as these classes will not be represented at the next DUN Championship show.


DUN Classes

Classes like this will award DUN cards.

Non-DUN Classes

Classes like these will not award DUN cards.

  • Dressage
  • Western Pleasure
  • Other Performance
  • Scene/Diorama
  • Mini English Performance
  • Repaint/Rehair
  • OF Breyer Special Run
  • OF Stone OOAK
  • Vintage CM
  • OF Mini Quarter Horse
  • CM TR/CL Other Light Breed
  • AR Dilute Colour
  • OF Bay/Brown
  • Best English Doll
  • Top Companion Animal
  • Best Mane
  • Longest Tail
  • Funniest Horse/Pony
  • Cutest Setup
  • Conga Line/Collector`s Class
  • Medallions
  • Progeny
  • Portrait Model
  • Owner`s Favourite Model
  • Judge`s Choice

You may still run the non-DUN classes, but they will not award DUN qualifier cards.

At this time, The Society does not provide classes for non-equine animals or dolls. This includes cows, dogs, dolls etc. Fantasy and Decorator horses are accepted.

Generally, all standard performance, collectability, workmanship and halter classes will be qualifier classes, although you will be advised when applying if any of your classes do not meet the criteria. DUMHS requires that halter breed and halter colour classes are properly grouped and not mixed together.

There is no requirement to split out a show by finish, size, etc. You may split the divisions as you like (or not at all).

If you are unsure if your class list contains classes that will award DUN cards, please consult the Society President.

You can reach the Society at any time by emailing us at