DUN Documents

The Society releases two information packets relating to the Down Under Nationals championship live show, the show packet and the confirmation packet. The show packet is for public viewing, while the confirmation packet is only for confirmed entrants.

Show Packet

The show packet is available publicly as soon as the DUN entry window opens. It is available here on the Society website. This show packet includes:

  • information on the venue,
  • information on how to determine what your models are qualified for,
  • information on the entering process, including fees and a listing of the Minimum Guarenteed Class List, and
  • an FAQ

Confirmation Pack

The second and final packet, called the confirmation pack, is released only to DUN entrants after the entry window has closed and all entries have been processed. This packet is emailed directly to entrants and contains

  • the final class list that will be used at DUN,
  • essential information such as hall opening times, prize information, etc, and
  • any information that may have changed since the release of the show packet.

A separate mail package will be sent with the contents listed below. This packet includes:

  • entrant horse list,
  • entrant hang tags, and
  • voided DUN cards.

DUN Flyer - Ads Now Available

The flyer handed out to entrants, participants, donors and sponsors at DUN 2011 and 2013 was a hit with all who saw it. As well as containing exciting information and pictures on all of the raffle pieces, the flyer also contained the vital show class list, making it something that was consulted over and over again during the weekend-long show.

Image showing examples of full- and half-page ads. Click for larger (PDF).Image showing examples of full- and half-page ads. Click for larger (PDF).

This constant viewing makes the DUN flyer an excellent way to represent yourself and your business to the wide hobby network in Australia and New Zealand. Even if you don’t have a business, a flyer ad for your financial donation, or to wish luck to all entrants is an excellent way to increase your standing in the hobby has a kind and generous person.

Our flyer contains dedicated ad space for all category sponsors, raffle donors and financial donors. We also offer full-page and smaller ads for sale, and sponsors and donors can choose to upgrade their given ad space to a larger size. The DUN flyer is like an index of the best businesses in the model horse hobby!

Secure your ad space now! The flyer will be in an A5 booklet (15cm x 21cm), produced in black and white, with colour full-page options on the front and back inside covers available.

Purchased ad space is priced as follows:

  • Colour full page (two available): $20
  • Colour half-page (two available): $15
  • B&W full page: $15
  • B&W half page: $8
  • B&W quarter page: $5

Design services can be provided for a slight extra cost if required. Prices are listed in AUD.

Raffle donors receive a black and white 1/8-page ad (approximately 6cm x 3.5cm), which can be upgraded if requested, at a discounted cost. Pleasure enquire for these discounted costs.

Space is limited, so please secure your space today! Contact the Secretary at downundermhs@gmail.com today.