DUN Raffle

At each DUN, the Society runs a raffle of hobby- and horse-related items. These items are kindly donated by the hobby community to help raise funds for the Society. All donors are provided with advertising in return for their generosity.

The raffle is drawn at the championship live show on the Sunday, but the Society sells tickets through this website as well for interested parties who may not be able to attend.

2015 Raffle

The 2015 raffle has concluded, and a list of winners can be found below. Thank you to all of the donors that contributed! The total amount raised will be available soon.

2013 Raffle

The Society would like to sincerely thank each of its donors whom contributed to the 2013 DUN raffle. Ticket sales are estimated at over $1800 AUD - an excellent result! Congratulations to the winners, listed below.