Merit Award Recipients

All Rounder Excellence
Moonlight Serenade, owned by Lisa Winkworth

Moonlight Serenade
Owned by Lisa Winkworth

Award earned: November 2012

Moonlight Serenade is a customised Sinatra resin by D`Arry Jone Frank. D`Arry made a few minor tweaks to him making him one of a kind, then painted him and offered him on her outlet site. I saw him up there and pounced - this little guy just HAD to come home to me and he has been an outstanding achiever in the show ring.

He does very well in breed and colour classes, but his forte is performance. So far I have only shown him in western performance but he has won with every set up I`ve ever tried him in, be that pleasure, arena, riding, reining, equitation, games, or other. I have yet to show him in English, but I hope to get him out and about in the future.

He is the first model to win a merit award of any kind and has also qualified for a second merit award. Keep your eye on this page to see him again with further merit awards!

 Redwood Elite Classic, owned by Stacey Crowley

Redwood Elite Class
Owned by Stacey Crowley

Award earned: November 2014

More commonly known as ‘EC’, Redwood Elite Class has an above-standard pedigree for the show ring.

Customised from a Breyer Classic ‘Marigold’ model by Karen Miller (nee Grigson), EC was one of the headlining prizes in the 2013 DUN raffle. Her paintjob was donated by US painter and customiser, Sommer Prosser, who painted her into a beautiful dappled buckskin.

EC lived in Victoria for a time, and then moved to Western Australia and into the collection of her current owner, Stacey Crowley, where she has been live shown throughout the state, and continues to be campaigned in both halter and performance classes.

Shown as an Arabian Riding Pony, she is a successful live show model, with wins of note including Supreme Champion of Show at Ultimate Gold 2012 (WA). EC has also been successful in her DUMHS Merit award campaign, and recently established herself as the first recipient of the Bronze All Rounder Excellence award. Stacey intends to aim for the Silver and Gold levels of this award as well. Go EC!