Society Committee

The Down Under Model Horse Society is run by an elected Committee of volunteers who donate their time to the Society. They work extremely hard to not only run the bi-annual Down Under Nationals Championship Live Show, but also to provide your live shows with DUN qualifier cards, promote the hobby within Australia and Newland, and ensure that the Society is an upstanding association within the international hobby community.

Current Committee

President: Position open
Vice-President: Emily Harwood
Secretary: Position open
Assistant Secretary: Position open
Treasurer: Lisa Winkworth
Merit Awards Officer: position open
DUN Coordinator: position open
Publicity Officer: position open
Fundraising Coordinator: position open

New Committee Nominations

The following positions are open from 1 September 2017 for new nominations for the period of 2017-2018:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Merit Awards Officer
  • DUN Coordinator
  • Publicity Officer
  • Fundraising Coordinator

A current Society member that wishes to nominate themselves for any position should complete a nomination form and forward to the Treasurer via mail (not email) by Friday 15 September 2017).

  • Election information (PDF)
  • Nomination form (PDF)

The Committee positions are voluntary (staff are not paid for their time with the Society). The positions will come into effect in late September 2017, and will run until after the close of DUN 2018.

To be nominated for a position, a person must be a current Senior-level member of the Society. (Associate and Junior membership types are not valid.) Past Society members that wish to become involved must become a current, paid Society member of Senior level first.

General Meetings

General meetings are held around the time of DUN every two years.