Live Showing Model Horses

Supreme Exhibit CM/AR, Performance Extravanaganza Live Show 2012

A popular facet of the hobby, showing model horses is a fun way to add a human aspect to the collectable community. Hobbyists can show their models in two types of shows: live shows and photo shows. Live shows allow people to meet face to face in a public venue such as a hall or room. When you primarily know of hobby people only online, going to a show is a great way to add a face to a name!

Showing model horses might sound strange at first, but it`s a fun way to enjoy your models and get them off the shelf! Please, you might even win some cool prizes in the process.

Head on through our links and learn a little bit more about live showing your model horses, including what happens at a show, and how to enter one. If you`re interested in running your own live show - good on you! We have information on how to do that, too!


Entering and Packing

On the Day