What are model horses?

The model horse hobby is inclusive of all sorts of scale model horse sculptures, including models made from plastic, resin, china, ceramic and even original sculptures. Many of these are mass-produced, but just as many are one-of-a-kind pieces. They can range in size, from tiny micro minis at about 1.5" (3.5cm) tall, through to large traditionals A traditional-size model.that can stand 12" (30cm) at the ears, or even taller. Lots of different breeds and ages are depicted by these beautiful models: racing-fit Thoroughbreds, fuzzy pony foals, large draft breeds through, dainty Arabians and more.

The hobby includes a wide range of activities that welcome everyone with open arms. There are many hobbyists who enjoy simply collecting their favourite models, through to those who like to create various items for hobby use, and then there are those hobbyists who like to compete with their models. Prior to the advent of the internet, many hobbyists communicated through mail and hobby publications, but now there are lots of forums and online clubs aroud to create a friendly community amongst hobbyists around the world. For the traditionalists, clubs with a hardcopy newsletter still exist, and they are a great dose of model horse news in your letter box amongst the bills!

While you do not have to show your models to participate or even enjoy the hobby, there is a very large market for hobbyists who choose to do so. Model horse shows are based roughly off real horse shows, and models can win points, ribbons, rosettes, trophies and more if they are successful. Live shows enable collectors to gather together in person (as opposed to online), and these shows help foster a friendly community atmosphere in the hobby. You can learn more about live and photo showing on their respective pages.

A number of creative hobbyists around the world earn their living from their hobby. Some of them make their own model horses, while others customise existing models. Other artists of a different type create miniature saddles, bridles and other props like jumps for hobbyists. There is a spot for just about everyone in the model horse hobby!