Merit Awards

The Down Under Model Horse Society offers merit awards to model horses that have been consistently successful at live shows in Australia and New Zealand. These awards are based on the model`s success in earning qualification cards in particular divisions or classes.

There are five awards on offer, and each award has four levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) of achievement that entrants can choose to claim. Some awards include all four types of cards (performance, non-halter, and halter breed and colour), while others focus on a few divisions, or even just one. This variety ensures that no matter your model’s strengths, there are a range of awards to choose from.

The five awards are:

  • All Rounder Excellence
  • Halter Supremacy
  • Excellence in Halter
  • Specialty Excellence
  • Excellence in Performance

    Merit prizes include a customised certificate showing the model’s name and level of achievement, and a medallion sculpted by US artist Morgen Kilbourn, featuring brumbies, a Major Mitchell cockatoo and Uluru, all cast in quality artist resin. Each medallion is coloured in the colour of the level up to gold, and an extra special prize is available for the top level of Platinum.

    The card requirements for each level are designed to build on top of each other, so it is not so difficult to progress from one level to another. In addition to prizes, each merit award recipient is honoured in the Society’s newsletter and on the website for all visitors to see.

    Visit the Merit Awards page for more information.